My hands are so dirty! Who knew?

Meet your licensing and health requirements for handwashing! Each portable hand washing station offers the convenience of a foot-operated fresh-water faucet, soap (or hand sanitizer), a large capacity grey water tank, and a generous supply of paper towels.

With an eye-catching design and sealed water tank to ensure proper hygiene, this handwashing station will ensure your employees remain cleaner on the job site. It has two stations with a full fingertip to elbow washing and operates with hands-free baby foot pumps providing care-free operation.

Handwashing Stations

The handwashing station comes with features you want and need in a handwash station. It also has extended bumpers on the side and top to buffer it while traveling. It has two handles for lifting and fits easily inside most portables for ease of transporting. Most of all, it has a sealed fresh water tank where chlorine can be added to kill bacteria. All in all, it is a breeze to maintain and operate.

Handwashing Stations by OnCall Services & Rentals

Hand Sanitizing Stations

The HandiStand is made from unbreakable molded polyethylene that can withstand the force of vandals and nature so you can keep renting it year after year. Includes 2 800ml dispensers, a tip-free design, and a durable one-piece design. If faster profits and long-term benefits are what you want from a hand sanitation stand, then our HandiStand will deliver.

Hand Sanitizing Stations by OnCall Services