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Hands are so dirty! Who knew?

Each portable handwashing station offers the convenience of a foot-operated fresh-water facet, soap (or hand sanitizer), a large capacity grey water tank, and a generous supply of paper towels. Moving your handwashing stations is also a breeze. Our portable sinks have an efficient compact design and all are equipped with build-in lift handles for easy placement and relocation.

With an eye-catching design and sealed water tank to ensure proper hygiene, this handwashing station will ensure your employees remain cleaner on the job site. It has two stations with a full fingertip to elbow washing and operates with hands-free baby foot pumps providing care-free operation.

The handwashing station comes with features you want and need in a hand wash station. To maintain its attractiveness the blue areas have a fleck pattern to hide scuffs and scratches. It also has extended bumpers on the side and top to buffer it while traveling. There are fresh and grey water drain plugs and an additional pump out port on the base for wastewater. To aid drivers, all plugs are tethered to the unit to prevent loss or damage. It has two handles for lifting and fits easily inside most portables for ease of transporting. Most of all, it has a sealed fresh water tank where chlorine can be added to kill bacteria. All in all, it is a breeze to maintain and operate.

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