Standard Portable Restrooms (Porta Potty)

Portable Restrooms for Every Occasion

Originally designed as an entry-level restroom, our standard portable restroom is sure to please the end-user. The impact base has an open grid floor design which allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom. In addition, it comes with a smooth floor cover for those special instances in which the end-user requires a smooth floor. A three roll of toilet paper holder and a large door latch that can be operated with the elbow rather than by hand to help prevent the spread of germs. There is also a “hover handle” on the inside of the door for use by those who do not wish to sit directly on the seat.

With lower initial investment operators might believe quality could be an issue. The fact is this restroom has a sturdy framework featuring an incredibly strong, one-piece continuous door frame. Our standard porta potty has an increased side panel thickness by an additional 12% and the tank and urinal are larger and stronger. While you might think of our standard porta potty as an entry-level restroom, it easily competes with any restroom for quality and durability.

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Porta Potty Portable Restroom Rental in Tulsa On Call Services & Rentals

Reliable, Sanitized & Ready

Clean, like-new equipment goes through a meticulous 8-Point Service plan to ensure your restroom rental arrives in pristine condition and is kept sanitary throughout your project.

Recommended Quantity: (1) Portable Restroom per (10) Employees over normal (40) hour workweek.


Non-flushing toilet & urinal

(3) Rolls of Toilet Tissue

Spacious 85 cubic inch interior

Anti-slip flooring surface

The translucent roof allows ample light and visibility

Maximum ventilation to minimize odors

Occupancy indicator provides privacy

Impact base provides three times greater ventilation

One-piece, blow-molded door

Hover handles and extra-large door latch for hands-free operation


How Big is a Porta Potty?

Standard porta potty measures approximately 4 feet by 4 feet or about 16 square feet. Some models are smaller however standard ADA compliant restrooms must have enough room for a wheel chair to enter and turn around. An ADA compliant unit can typically measures around 40 square feet. Most standard porta potties are between 7.5 feet and 8 feet tall.

Do Porta Potties Flush?

Standard porta potties do not flush. The standard porta potty has toilet seat that opens to a holding tank that stores and collects waste until the unit is serviced by a sanitation technician. However, there are portable toilets that have flushing mechanisms designed to suit a variety of situations.

Should a Porta Potty be Staked Down?

Since Porta Potties are small and light this makes them easy to tip over. Inclement weather and rowdy teenagers can easily knock over a porta potty which can make it non-usable until a technician comes to service the unit. Servicing a unit that has been knocked over can also be challenging since the waste and chemicals have to be cleaned up manually. With that said, you should consider staking down your porta potties for the duration of your special event.