Temporary Panel Fencing

Ease of Use

Chain link Panel Fencing from On Call Services & Rentals is an excellent perimeter security solution when an in-ground post-installation is not a viable option. Easy to transport and secure into place, above-ground panel fencing provides a sturdy and reliable barrier for many job site applications.

On Call Services & Rentals fence panels comply with ASTM A392-06 standards, having superior exposure and corrosion resistance, and perfect for the demands of an outdoor construction site. Further, National Rent A Fence’s durable panel stands (footings) are second to none. Constructed from galvanized 1-3/8″ diameter tubing and welded into an approximate 16″ x 36″ rounded rectangles. With two smaller diameter uprights welded in place to accept the outer frame, these stands ensure stability and reliability. Each panel is further reinforced with “saddle” or panel clamps for even greater support.

Sandbags are a frequently requested add-on used to increase the overall constancy of a long line of panels, especially if the wind is an issue.

Some of the most common uses for chain link panels include high-rise commercial construction sites, home developments, highway projects, storefront renovations, and for any application where the installation of a post-driven fence is not possible or desired.

For more information on panel fencing or other configurations for your next project, contact one of On Call Services & Rentals friendly Customer Service Representatives today.

This temporary chain link fence panel is specially designed to secure job sites from outside injuries, theft, and dumping.

Temporary fence panels are popular for construction sites, indoor and outdoor events, and sporting events. Temporary fence panels are portable and lightweight, but strong and sturdy for controlling pedestrian walkways, vehicular access, and parking, and are also used for crowd control.

Chain Link Temp Panels – Ideal for fast deployment of controlled spaces, our temp fence panels are popular for construction sites, military and police use, concerts, and anywhere a chain-link fence is needed quickly. Galvanized chain-link fence portable fence panels ship assembled, designed to be used with panel stands so they may be installed fast with just a couple nuts and bolts and saddle clamps. Consider sandbags for temp fence panels for weight and stability. Need more privacy? Our fence windscreen or privacy mesh is available in several colors. Change the configuration of your enclosure or fence efficiently and store inside, or outside when not in use. Available in nearly any height, or width, color coated panels are also available. Built to order – Built to last!

Perimeter Patrol Temp Fence Panels – Consider bright yellow Perimeter Patrol for high visibility, or Perimeter Patrol in black. These powder-coated welded wire temp panels are available with a temp fence storage rack holding both panels and portable fence stands. Perimeter Patrol temporary fence panels are convenient to install and easy to move around with a forklift.

Vinyl Temporary Fence Panels – Consider our portable PVC fencing for a less commercial, more refined appearance for weddings, graduation parties, shopping malls, or other events. Softer edges, lighter weight vinyl fence panels transport and store easily.

Plastic Portable Fence Panels – Standard Sportpanel and Techno-Tip Sportpanel are ideal for multipurpose athletic fields and increase the use of public parks. Set up for portable homerun fences and remove them when not in use. An optional homerun fence top rail cap is also available. Be sure to also check out our other sports portable fence found in our Sports Catalog.

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