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Having your Septic system cleaned and pumped regularly is the key to keeping the system working properly and preventing potentially expensive repairs to your system. On Call Services offers competitive pricing on services and installations. The purpose of septic tank pumping is to give the septic system a new life, and should help prevent future malfunctions or problems such as odors, and unwanted discharges into the environment.

When your septic system inspection is carried out by our team of licensed septic inspectors, you’ll receive complete documentation of everything that was done—and the peace of mind that comes from knowing it was done the right way. On Call Services performs comprehensive, camera-assisted inspections that adhere to all DEQ (Department of Environmental Quality) standards.

On Call Services & Rentals start with a site evaluation and go over the installation process before any work is performed. Site evaluations are important to determine the size of the drainage field and the septic tank that will be needed.