Septic Services

What We Have to Offer:

A healthy septic system is clean and flows smoothly, undetected by homeowners and neighbors alike. It is generally good for a septic system to undergo a septic pumping service every three to five years.

Most septic tanks require pumping every 3-5 years. On Call Services & Rentals will septic services to pump out your tank and transport waste to an approved treatment and processing facility. Safety is our priority—we obey all environmental laws and regulations to ensure that septic tank waste is responsibly processed and poses no environmental hazards.

Having your Septic system cleaned and pumped regularly is the key to keeping the system working properly and preventing potentially expensive repairs to your system. On Call Services & Rentals offers the “best pricing on pumping & repairs” in the Tulsa area.

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Signs of a Full Septic Tank

Many homeowners are simply unable to perform routine maintenance on their sewer systems. In this case, it’s good to know a few telling warning signs of a full septic tank in mind so you know when to schedule septic pumping service.

These signs might mean your septic tank is full:

  • Strong odor of sewage in the yard
  • A backed-up toilet
  • A drain that can’t be unclogged
  • Standing water in the yard

Some newer septic systems even have built-in alarms that flash and make noise when the tank is nearly full. If this happens, don’t waste any time in calling a reputable plumber in your area.

Why Do I Need Septic Tank Pumping Services?

Because septic tanks handle human waste, it is important that they run safely and hygienically. A well-maintained septic tank shouldn’t smell or pose any sort of danger to your household. A full or inadequately maintained septic tank will likely smell and potentially release dangerous bacteria, phosphorus, and nitrogen into your groundwater. This can affect your family, pets, and even your garden!

Sewer pumping services every three to five years cost several hundred dollars—a full sewer replacement can cost up to $6,200 on the other hand! It is worth the small investment over time to keep up with sewer maintenance and septic pumping services. At On Call Servies & Rentals, our licensed plumbing experts can courteously and professionally provide septic services at upfront prices to your home.