Portable Holding Tanks

Water & Waste Holding Tanks

These holding tanks can be used with mobile office trailers at construction sites or on-site at special events or festivals.  These septic tank services are also incredibly useful for industrial turnarounds and disaster relief applications.

Many of our Holding Tank Rentals are paired with our signature Pro-Flush Trailer Sanitation System. This system utilizes two portable holding tanks. One tank supplies the fresh running water, while a second tank collects the waste. We also provide scheduled service on this system which includes water delivery and waste pumping. Our system eliminates your need to be connected to city water and gives you more mobility on site.

The portable holding tank rental is ideal for:


Construction site projects that have office trailers


Permanent outdoor business locations


Large special events such as outdoor concert venues, fairs, carnivals, food markets, etc.


Any other bulk waste storage needs which require holding tanks for toilet waste, shower gray water, food waste, etc

Septic Tank Service in Tulsa