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The Many Names of Portable Restrooms

There are many different names for portable restrooms out there. Here are some of our favorites, and where the names came from.

Why are Portable Toilets Called Porta Potties?

The most common name for portable restrooms is the “porta potty,” also written as “port-a-potty.” It’s pretty straightforward. Porta potty stands for “portable potty.” 

The History of Portable Toilets

Porta potties were first invented during World War II as a way for soldiers to set up temporary restrooms at pop-up military bases overseas. Military encampments were frequently set up in areas where there were no existing buildings or infrastructure. 

The portable toilets at the time were large, bulky, medal and wood structures that were heavy and difficult to transport. They did their job, but they weren’t convenient. 

In the 1970s, a man named Harvey Heather created the first one-piece fiberglass portable restroom called “The Strongbox.”

“They were pretty revolutionary in a lot of respects,’’ said Gregg de Long, a salesman from the early days of the first Strongbox units. “They had a lot of characteristics of a well-designed fiberglass unit. They were easy to clean, rigid and nice to haul on trucks and trailers.”

The popularity of this design led to high demand and the birth of a brand new industry.

The Many Names for Portable Toilets

Portable restrooms have many different names across the country and the world. Here are some of the most common:

    • Porta-john
    • Honey bucket (or Honeypot)
    • Porta-loo
    • Johnny-on-the-spot
    • Jon
    • Spiffy Biff
    • Portalets

Portable Toilets Around the World

Here are some names for portable restrooms around the world

  • WC (Water Closet) – used in the UK
  • Bog
  • Dunny
  • Loo
  • Privy
  • The Jacks
    • In Ireland, portable toilets are known as “The Jacks,” named for Jack Power, who invented the MultiPoo.
  • Thunderbox (Australia, British India – now considered a more historical or old slang word for toilet.)
  • Chemical Toilet (Britain – The Elsan Chemical Toilet allowed many pilots to ‘go’ while flying their aircraft.)

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