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December 06 2021 0Comment
plumber cleans a septic tank

Your Guide to Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic Tank Maintenance is very important to maintaining your home. Did you know that it costs anywhere from $3,000 to $7,000 to replace the average septic tank? With this in mind, proper septic system maintenance is essential to keeping your septic system up and running. Routine septic system maintenance will not only save you from [...]
February 28 2020 0Comment
What is the blue stuff in porta potty's?

What’s the blue stuff in the porta potty’s?

When you’re out and about, traveling or visiting new places or events in and around your hometown, you have more than likely used or at least have seen a porta-potty. And more than likely, you have probably stepped inside and looked down to see blue “stuff” at the bottom of the potty. “What in the [...]
February 07 2020 0Comment
Why are portable toilets called porta potties?

Why are the portable toilets called “porta potties”?

It’s a fair question, why portable toilets are called port-a-potties or porta-potties. Although the answer may seem obvious to some, it may not make sense to others. In any case, we’re here to give you the reasons why we call portable toilets “Port-a-Potties” with a little look at their history and the names they are [...]