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Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal

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Everything we do produces waste that has to be taken care of. You may hear a lot about hazardous waste, but most of what we produce is non-hazardous. As a result, non-hazardous waste disposal is one of the most necessary requirements placed on a business.

On Call Services is here to help you with all your non-hazardous waste disposal needs in the northeast Oklahoma area.

What Is Non-Hazardous Waste?

Non-hazardous waste disposal covers a vast array of different substances. Anything that won’t cause harm to people or animals is considered non-hazardous. Non-hazardous waste won’t cause health problems or diseases, but proper disposal is necessary and heavily regulated.

Truck wash, anaerobic digester water, brine, used non-hazardous chemicals, and refinery sludge fall under the non-hazardous category. The EPA is responsible for establishing what a hazardous substance is and what isn’t. There are also local ordinances and state laws that cover the handling, disposal, and classification of non-hazardous waste. 

You may think that non-hazardous waste is easier to deal with than hazardous waste, and that’s true. Unfortunately, there are still regulations and fines if it is not disposed of in the correct manner. This is where On Call Services can come in and make sure that the non-hazardous trash that you’re dealing with is disposed of.

What Is Non-Hazardous Waste Disposal?

Non-hazardous waste disposal is the removal of any industrial waste which, according to regulations, can’t simply be tossed in a dumpster or flushed down the drain.

Removing non-hazardous waste is a time-consuming process, but On Call services can provide whatever you need to make the waste-disposal situation more efficient and cost effective for you.

On Call Services and Your Waste Disposal Needs

On Call Services does more than just handle non-hazardous liquid waste. We can also take care of hazardous waste. Whatever your waste disposal needs are, On Call Services is here to help. 

Call us at (918) 397-7787 or contact us online to set up your non-hazardous waste disposal.