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Sturdy & Durable Fencing

Temporary fences are most commonly used for security purposes at construction sites, government projects, agricultural areas, and special events like carnivals and music festivals. They work for everything from overnight security to crowd control. When you need a temporary fence in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area, you can count on On Call Services & Rentals.

On Call Services & Rentals fence panels

Chain-Link Panel Fencing

Chain-link panel fencing is excellent for securing a perimeter without the hassle of installing an in-ground permanent fence. Panel fencing is used around construction sites, as well as for securing the perimeter of large events so unticketed patrons don’t slip into an area without paying. On Call Services & Rentals has easy-to-transport panels that are simple to secure and more than capable of handling the job.

Metal Crown Control Barricade

Barricade Fencing

While chain link is the best option for security and perimeter protection, barricade fencing is perfect for crowd control. Temporary barricades work for enforcing lines and marking areas as off-limits to the public while not obstructing the overall view.

Comply With Industry Standards

On Call’s temporary fencing panels comply with ASTM A392-06 standards, are resistant to corrosion and exposure to the elements, and are perfect for outdoor construction sites.

All of our fence panels are lightweight, portable, and very durable. We also have optional windscreens and privacy mesh options.

We use 1 ⅜” diameter galvanized steel tubing with 16″ x 36″ rounded rectangle panel stands with saddle clamps for ample support, stability, and reliability. 

We anchor our fencing with the OxBlock.

Temporary Job Site Panel Fencing On Call Services & Rentals

Fencing Stands

All of our temporary fences come equipped with high-quality, sturdy fence stands that help distribute the weight evenly and support your fence against heavy winds and anyone who may lean up against it or try to climb it. We carry both traditional metal fence stands and the OxBlock. Both types of fence stands that we carry are among the best in the industry, but the OxBlock serves specific needs and we only have a limited supply – so get your order in today to ensure we’ve got the OxBlock available!

The OxBlock Fencing Stand

No more using messy sandbags or bulky concrete blocks to secure your temporary fence. The OxBlock makes things easier than ever before, weighing in at 53 lbs. each and is able to hold fence posts up to 1 ⅝” in diameter. OxBlocks have super convenient internal carry handles and yellow ends that increase visibility to reduce the risk of tripping on them. They’re also eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.