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Chain Link Fencing for Residential and Commercial Properties

On Call Services & Rentals proudly provides both commercial and residential customers with high-quality, durable, and affordable chain link fence rental in the greater Tulsa metropolitan area. You can count on us to tackle your unique needs with expertise and enthusiasm every step of the way.

Fences for Residential and Commercial Properties
Chain-Link Fence in Tulsa neighborhood

Get the Perfect Fence for your Property

  • 4 ft., 6 ft., and 8 ft. tall fences in stock with the ability to special order custom sizes
  • Chain link fences, gates, and warehouse partitions
  • Baseball and softball fencing and backstops
  • Galvanized steel fencing and piping
  • Vinyl-coated fencing with many color options
  • Black powder-coated piping
  • Temporary fencing for events and construction

Whether you need a chain link fence for a commercial or residential property in Tulsa, we’ve got the perfect solution for securing your perimeter. Chain link fences only consist of a few parts, making them easy to install and affordable for folks with tight budgets.

When you find yourself in need of a fence for a large area, but don’t necessarily need privacy or decoration, a chain link fence is the perfect solution. A standard chain link fence will keep trespassers at bay and protect your family and property.

Commercial properties also have the option for taller chain link fences than most residences are allowed to have, and they can add barbed wire atop the fence as well.

If you have a business full of valuable tools and products, a secure chain link fence can help protect your investment.

Round Rail Chain Link Fences

A new common chain link fence option is the round rail fence with chain link. Wooden frames add a rustic appearance to a home or business. These are a great choice for when you don’t need a privacy fence but don’t like traditional metal fences either.

Advantage of Installing a Chain Link Fence in Tulsa OK

Chain Link Fence Options

Chain link fences are a lot more customizable than most people realize. Vinyl-coated chain link is available in many colors, there are barbed wire accents for commercial or rural use, there are PVC privacy slats that partially obscure visibility, and there are windscreens that can protect your yard from visibility and wind flow. 

Just about every commercial and industrial fence is chain link these days. They’re affordable and perfect for keeping people out of secure areas. Minimize theft and property damage while protecting your personnel with a high-quality chain link fence.

Check out some of our recent chain link fences!

Common chain link fence styles include:

  • Galvanized
  • Barbed Wire
  • Black Vinyl
  • Green Vinyl
  • Backstop
  • High Security

Gate options include:

  • Single Walk Gate
  • Double Swing Gate
  • Rolling Gate
  • Cantilever Gate
  • Locks
  • Fork Latch
  • Drop Rods
  • Gate Opener

Chain link accessories include:

  • Privacy Screen
  • Wind Screen
  • Privacy Slats