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On Call Services has a large array of beautiful and secure fences that are perfect for your property. We pride ourselves on being reliable, timely, and on always having the best fencing quality on the market. 

We have an expert team that can assist you in designing the perfect custom fence for your property’s unique needs. We have both residential and commercial fences, in both temporary and permanent options. We also use only licensed, bonded, and insured installers.

Permanent Fencing

On Call Services and Rental Permanent Fencing in Tulsa

Temporary Fencing

On Call Services and Rental Temporary Fencing in Tulsa

Not all fences are meant to last forever. Temporary events like carnivals and construction need fencing too, and they need to be able to deconstruct the fence at ease when it’s no longer in use. 

Most temporary fences are made from chain link panels that are supported with braces and feet instead of being planted in the ground. There are also temporary privacy fences and temporary barricades that are great for crowd control.

We Service Both Residential and Commercial Customers

Best Residential Fencing in Tulsa
Best Commercial Fencing in Tulsa

Types of Fencing

Wood Privacy Fence

Wood Privacy Fence

All of our wood fencing materials are treated to withstand both cold weather and hot weather. The lumber that we purchase for installation in our wood fences is incredibly high quality, so you don’t have to worry about the posts cracking or the panels quickly deteriorating under natural circumstances.

Give your home the privacy it deserves with a new wood privacy fence from On Call Services. Our fencing materials are treated to withstand all sorts of weather, so you can be confident that your fence will last for years. Plus, our high-quality lumber ensures that your posts and panels will stay in great condition no matter what.

Chain-Link Fence in Tulsa

Chain-Link Fences

Chain-link fencing can be a great addition to secure your perimeter. Chain-link fences are easy to install and very affordable, making them a great choice for homeowners and business owners alike.

Round Rail Ranch Style Fence

Round Rail Ranch-Style Fencing

Wooden round rail fences are perfect for adding a touch of rustic, country charm to your home. Our experienced professionals can build you a fence that is both reliable and affordable. They are affordable, easy to build and provide reliable functionality. If you’re looking for a ranch-style fencing solution in the Greater Tulsa area, On Call Services & Rentals is your best bet. We provide top-quality products and services that you can count on.

Ornamental Fence in Tulsa

Ornamental Fencing

Iron fences are one of the most common types of fencing historically, although they’re less common today due to pricing. These elegant, sturdy fences are now mostly associated with luxury homes and ornamental decoration. 

Whether you do an entire fence in iron, or simply use it for accents or the gate, your home will look fancy and beautiful.

Barbed Wire Fence in Tulsa

Barbed Wire Fencing

Barbed wire fences are first and foremost meant for security – nothing will protect your Tulsa property like a perimeter that is enclosed with a barbed-wire fence.

Barbed wire is one of the most simple forms of fencing on the market, making it fast, easy, and cost-effective to install. It’s perfect for homes on lots of land.

Barbed wire is also frequently used atop commercial-grade chain-link fences at businesses to prevent intruders from trespassing. It’s not typically allowed in residential settings, however.

Chain-Link Fence in Tulsa

Custom Gates

We specialize in the installation and service of many gate styles:

  • Security gates
  • Driveway gates
  • Custom gates
  • Iron gates
  • Wood gates
  • Ornamental gates

Whether you want a chain link, wooden privacy, or wrought iron fence, we’ve got you covered. We can handle any fencing or gate needs you may have in any style.

Looking for Fence Repair Services?

Fences don’t last forever. Wood rots, iron can be dented, and fallen tree limbs can still take out a section of chain link. On Call Services can inspect and repair your fence as good as new. Whether you need the fence posts repaired, a panel replaced, or stabilization, we’re standing by to help you.

Tulsa Fence Company

Frequently Asked Questions

We service the Tulsa Metro and surrounding areas up to 80 miles from our office.

Yes, we can do just the post work and let you finish the fence if you like.

On Call will make sure to have your public utilities located so we can make sure not to damage them.

As the homeowner, it’s your responsibility to identify your property lines and convey to us where you would like your fence. If you’re not 100% certain of the property line, it’s better to have the property surveyed.

Yes. Make sure to properly identify any landscape lighting or irrigation systems that you’ve installed because those won’t be marked by the public utility locators.

Most residential fences inside city limits cannot exceed six feet, but front yards are often further restricted to only four feet, and are typically not allowed to be wooden privacy fences. Be sure to consult with both your city codes and your HOA, if applicable.

That’s up to you. Stains don’t necessarily extend your fence’s life expectancy, but it will preserve the fence color. Wood fences tend to lose their vibrant wood color and turn gray with time, so stains can prevent this.

Absolutely. While most chain-link fences are silver, there is also vinyl colored chain link with lots of color options. Many people choose black but there are many different options for expressing your unique style.

While chain link doesn’t offer the same level of privacy that wood does, you can still use pre-slatted vinyl chain link to significantly reduce visibility into your yard or business grounds. We can also order vinyl slats for you to insert into your existing fence.

Sure! Iron products have to be powder coated to prevent rust, and powder coatings are available in lots of different colors. Although most people prefer black, we can do orange, white, and other colors as well. Keep in mind black is the best option if you don’t want dirt to show, or if you want to make touch-ups on occasion.

There’s no easy answer to this question, and it can differ wildly depending on if you want a temporary or permanent fence, and what the ground conditions are like for your fence. 

Most temporary fences, depending on the size of the project, can be done in a day or two. Permanent fences tend to take anywhere from two to five weeks. Does an existing fence need to be removed? Does the ground need to be leveled? Do any trees need to be cut down, or rocks dug up? Weather also plays a huge impact since we can’t pour concrete footers in the rain. We’ll also need to wait several days for concrete to cure after pouring the footers.

Not typically! Our estimator will instruct our field crew on where to put the fences based on his or her conversations with you. You are of course welcome to be present if you feel more comfortable that way.

If you change your mind on the color, placement, design, or material of your fencing project, you should immediately contact your estimator before we begin the project. Changes made in the middle of an install will likely be more costly.