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Round Rail

Serving the Tulsa Area

Round rail fences are growing in popularity in rural areas and in homes with rustic appeal. They look great near water features and along long open fields, and they’re perfect for keeping livestock at bay. 

If you’re trying to give your home a more western vibe, our team is standing by eager to help you select the perfect round-rail fencing style for your unique taste. We can even combine your round rail fence with chain link to keep your dogs safe inside your yard!

For your free consultation, give us a call at (918) 201-1243 today! On Call Services & Rentals can’t wait to help you with all of your fencing needs in the greater Tulsa area.

Check out some of our recent round rail fencing projects!

Round Rail Fence Dimensions & Styles

Round rail fencing uses round dowels that are tapered on each end to fit into wood posts. The dowels are also called rails, and we offer one-rail, two-rail, and three-rail options. We can also offer a ranch rail style that uses metal posts and cedar planks. Round rail fences are available in four-foot, five-foot, and six-foot options.

Round rail fence includes round dowels tapered

Ranch Rail Fence

On Call Services & Rentals is a proud provider of FenceTrac, a modern take on traditional round rail fencing. FenceTrac uses cedar planks and metal posts that are designed to last for decades. There’s no better option for securing and beautifying your property than the FenceTrac Ranch Rail system.

Reliable Wood Round Rail Fences

Quality Materials

On Call Services & Rentals traditionally uses Douglas Fir in our round rail fencing. The Douglas Fir is a solid, firm softwood that’s the most popular choice here in Northeast Oklahoma. Southern Yellow Pine is also growing in popularity for ground-contact posts.

Rail Fence Chain Link Options

While traditional round rail fences are used for beautification and for corralling livestock, they don’t typically work well for containing dogs or children. That’s why many people choose to add chain link as well.

One very popular option is a black vinyl-coated chain link that’s beautiful and durable, but galvanized chain link and other vinyl options are also available.