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Portable Toilet Rentals in Tulsa, OK

The Best Portable Toilet Rental in Tulsa

There are many reasons why a person might need to rent a portable toilet or two. Whether you own an outdoor wedding venue, or you’re hosting a carnival, or you’re building a new highway – we’ve got you covered.

On Call Services & Rentals provides clean, comfortable, and affordable porta potty rental for events, projects, and businesses across Green Country. We provide temporary on-site services for any event or venue. We want to make sure all of your guests and/or employees have convenient access to a restroom that won’t gross them out.

Delivery & Cleanup

Here at On Call, we make sure our customers have a seamless experience from beginning to end. We’ll deliver your toilet, clean and service it as often as you need, and haul it off as soon as you’re done with it.

On Call Services and Rental Always Clean Restrooms & Maintenance Guarantee

Always Clean & Maintenance Guarantee

We always take cleanliness and sanitation seriously here at On Call Services & Rentals. We always deliver our toilets in pristine condition and thoroughly sanitized. We prioritize your comfort and happiness every step of the way.

The impact base of our toilets has a waffle floor design to allow three times more fresh air circulation than traditional portable toilets. It also prevents mud from clumping up inside the restroom. 

The door latch is large enough to be easily operated with your elbow instead of your hand, to reduce the spread of germs. There is also a “hover handle” on the inside of the door to help you avoid sitting directly on the seat, if you so choose.

Our portable toilets also have a sturdy framework, with a strong, one-piece door frame, side panels that are 12% thicker than a traditional porta pottie, and larger and stronger toilet tanks than you’ll find elsewhere. 

All of our toilets come with a stocked three-roll paper holder and air freshener.

While our standard portable toilet is only an entry-level restroom, it’s still hands down better than any competitor in quality, durability, and cleanliness.

Reliable, Sanitized & Ready

All of our equipment goes through a meticulous eight-point inspection prior to delivery to ensure it arrives as clean as a whistle. 

To avoid overworking your toilet, we recommend one portable restroom for every ten employees, for every 40-hour work week.

Our standard portable restroom comes with:

15 yard Container

Non-flushing toilet & urinal

15 yard Container

Three rolls of toilet paper

15 yard Container

Spacious 85 cubic-inch interior

15 yard Container

Anti-slip flooring surface

15 yard Container

Translucent roof allowing ample light and visibility

15 yard Container

Maximum ventilation to minimize odors

15 yard Container

Occupancy indicator to provide privacy

15 yard Container

Impact base to provide three times greater ventilation

15 yard Container

One-piece, blow-molded door

15 yard Container

Hover handles and extra-large door latch for hands-free operation

Contact On Call Services for Your Portable Toilet Rental Needs

If you are located in Northeast Oklahoma, please feel free to give us a call at 918-201-1243 for a free estimate. We guarantee to provide you with the best quality customer service and products for all of your portable toilet needs. Contact us today to learn more!