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Tulsa’s Best Porta Potty Rental

Although modern porta-potties are visually similar to an old-fashioned out-house, they’re far superior in terms of ingenuity and convenience. Our portable restrooms are simple to rent, eco-friendly, and provide convenience for patrons of large, temporary events.

Not only are they super convenient for large festivals, concerts, carnivals, and other temporary events, but they’re also a great solution for businesses whose permanent restrooms are out of service. They’re also a staple on every construction site.

Porta Potty's for Movie Set

Porta John Rental for Movie Sets

The Tulsa area is a growing destination for film sets, as shows and movies like Killers of the Flower Moon, Tulsa King, and Reservation Dogs have all filmed here in the past couple of years. Then of course there are the classics like Rumble Fish, The Outsiders, The Grapes of Wrath, Where the Red Fern Grows, and Twister.

But where do the countless people involved in these movies go to the restroom throughout filming and production? Of course the A-list stars get their own RVs, but the rest of the team relies on portable restrooms while they’re out in the field. 

If you’re in need of a porta john rental for your movie set, On Call Services & Rentals is here to help!

Porta Potty's for Special Events

Porta Potty Rental for Special Events

There are lots of other events that often require an extra portable restroom rental. 

Oklahoma is known for its vast, beautiful spaces that are perfect for weddings, but not every beautiful backdrop comes with facilities. If you’re thinking about getting married on your family ranch, or you want to host a church picnic or large family reunion, you’ll need more than just the one or two toilets in your house.

Nobody wants to spend hours at an event just standing around waiting for a toilet, so call On Call Services & Rentals for your next special event in the Tulsa area!

Porta Potty's for Marathons

Portable Restrooms for Athletic Events

Just recently, Tulsa hosted the Ironman competition, and thousands of spectators turned out at Keystone Lake and throughout the Sand Springs and Tulsa areas to cheer on the talented and dedicated athletes. 

Whether it’s a marathon, a long-distance bicycle race, a BMX meet, the PGA Championship, or a disc golf tournament, portable restrooms are an absolute necessity for any athletic event that’s expecting a crowd. 

Not only do you need to account for the athletes and the spectators, but also all of the event organizers, media members, etc.

Porta Potty's for Natural Disasters

Temporary Restrooms During Natural Disasters

Natural disasters come in many shapes and sizes, and Oklahoma is prone to several. Spring tornadoes, summer wildfires, and the occasional flood, there are all sorts of natural disasters that can force people out of their homes or at the very least require them to turn off their utilities. 

When this happens, you’ll find yourself immediately in the need of a portable restroom. Sanitation is of the utmost importance at all times, and a bad situation can rapidly get worse if survivors of a tragedy don’t have access to proper facilities.

Porta Potty's for Camp Grounds

Portable Toilets for Trailheads and Campgrounds

Portable restrooms are very important to have at public walking/hiking trails and campgrounds so that people aren’t forced to use nature as their personal toilet. Human fecal matter contains countless bacteria that are damaging to the environment and dangerous for the watershed. 

When you’re out hiking for hours, you may quickly find yourself in need of a latrine, and when that moment strikes you don’t want to have to drive back into town to try and find a public restroom.

If your town’s parks department can’t afford to construct nice public restrooms at a park, trailhead, or campground, then you should definitely consider renting a portable restroom from On Call Services & Rentals.

Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Portable Restrooms for Construction Sites

Construction sites tend to be lacking in adequate bathroom facilities, since the facilities themselves are still being constructed. Framers, electricians, plumbers, and roofers tend to spend hours on site, often an entire day, which means they need access to quality restroom facilities. 

Whether you’re building a single house, a massive commercial building, or a whole housing development, On Call can help you.

Porta Potty's for Real Estates

Porta Potties for Real Estate Listing

Realtors and builders frequently show homes that are still being constructed. Particularly in high-demand neighborhoods where lots of similar homes are being built one after another, it’s common to show homes that are under construction and don’t have facilities readily available. 

Not only does a portable restroom make sense for the construction workers on site, but you also need one handy for agents and prospective buyers.

Portable Toilets for High-Rise Construction

Portable Toilets for High-Rise Construction

We also have portable restrooms that are designed specifically for high-rise construction. These porta johns come equipped with lift kits that can attach to any standard crane so you can easily elevate it to any height.

Our Tulsa Porta Potties

Our portable toilets come with an impact base that has a unique waffle floor design which allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom and prevent mud clumping together inside. Your rental comes standard with three (3) rolls of toilet paper, fresh scents, maintained on your schedule, and a spacious interior offering a comfortable experience.

Clean, like-new equipment goes through a meticulous 8-Point Service plan to ensure your restroom rental arrives in pristine condition and is kept sanitary throughout your project.

Spacious Interior Porta Potty Rentals

ADA Accessible Porta Potties

On Call Services & Rentals proudly carries ADA-compliant portable restrooms that are clean and like-new at every delivery. Each of our ADA-accessible porta potties is specially designed to accommodate a large variety of special needs. These restrooms are extra large and have a width of 67 in. and a depth of 86.5 in. to make them easy to maneuver in. That’s 25 extra square feet compared to our standard portable restroom!

On-Call-Services-ADA Portable Restrooms

High-Rise Portable Restrooms

High rise portable restrooms are built specifically with high-rise construction in mind. These porta potties are custom built with unique features that make them perfect for construction on skyscrapers. They’re both spacious and private, and secure and capable of being positioned in elevated construction areas.

High-Rise Portable Restroom

Luxury Restroom Trailers

On-Call-Services-6 x 10 Restroom Trailer

6 x 10 Restroom Trailer

Any guest who utilizes this private, two-station restroom trailer will immediately be impressed by the climate control and comfortable surroundings. The trailer plays soft ambient music and is well lit to provide a premium atmosphere perfect for an upscale event like a wedding or corporate retreat.

On-Call-Services-8 x 25 Restroom Trailer

8 x 25 Restroom Trailer

Our largest restroom trailer has ten stations connected by two commons areas. The men’s restroom includes two stalls and three urinals with two sinks, while the women’s restroom contains five stalls and two sinks. Each restroom has its own air conditioner as well.

Portable Toilet Delivery & Cleanup

You don’t have to worry about installation or cleanup when you order a portable toilet from On Call. We’ll install your portable restroom quickly and efficiently, and when your rental is over we’ll pump the waste and remove the toilet in a jiffy.

Here at On Call, we always take cleanliness and sanitation seriously. We make sure to only deliver toilets that are in great condition and thoroughly cleaned. We prioritize your comfort and work hard to ensure that every toilet meets even the highest standards.

The impact base has a unique waffle floor design which allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom and prevent mud clumping together inside. A three-roll of toilet paper holder and a large door latch can be operated with the elbow rather than by hand to help prevent the spread of germs. There is also a “hover handle” on the inside of the door for use by those who do not wish to sit directly on the seat.

Our portable toilets have a sturdy framework featuring an incredibly strong, one-piece continuous door frame ready for the toughest jobs. Our standard portable toilet has an increased side panel thickness by an additional 12% and the tank and urinal are larger and stronger.

While you might think of our standard portable toilet as an entry-level restroom, it easily competes for quality and durability.

Reliable, Sanitized & Ready

15 yard Container

Non-flushing toilet & urinal

15 yard Container

(3) Rolls of Toilet Tissue

15 yard Container

Spacious 85 cubic inch interior

15 yard Container

Anti-slip flooring surface

15 yard Container

The translucent roof allows ample light and visibility

15 yard Container

Maximum ventilation to minimize odors

15 yard Container

Occupancy indicator provides privacy

15 yard Container

Impact base provides three times greater ventilation

15 yard Container

One-piece, blow-molded door

15 yard Container

Hover handles and extra-large door latch for hands-free operation

Frequently Asked Questions

Most of our portable restrooms are 4 ft. by 4 ft. We also have ADA-compliant restrooms that are closer to 40 sq. ft.

The average portable restroom doesn’t flush and simply has a toilet seat over a holding tank. We do have high-end portable restrooms that do utilize flushing mechanisms, however.

Most portable toilets are small and light, making them a risk for tipping over when confronted with high winds or rowdy teenagers. If a porta-potty is tipped over, you can’t simply set it back up and keep using it. It will have to be thoroughly cleaned. To ensure you don’t have to deal with this hassle, it’s definitely best to stake down the porta potty and ensure your event continues uninterrupted.

Considerations and Precautions for Portable Restroom Rentals

City of Tulsa Oklahoma logo

There are few restrictions on placing portable toilets on private property, but City and County properties such as streets and parks typically require a permit. Make sure to apply for a permit for your event and ensure you know all of the rules and requirements around using a portable toilet.

It’s important to ensure that your site is level and safe, with sufficient lighting and easy access.

Make sure to call us immediately if your porta potty falls over so we can evaluate the situation and rectify it. Please note that On Call Services is not responsible for any damages incurred to your rental units or your site.

Additional Services

Toilets aren’t the only accommodation you should account for when planning an event or construction project. You’ll also need to account for handwashing stations and possibly even holding tanks!

Handwashing Stations by OnCall Services & Rentals