Uses of Porta Potty’s

Today’s portable toilets, oftentimes called porta-potties, are marvels of modern ingenuity, simplicity, and convenience. Portable toilets are easy to rent, convenient for customers, safe for the environment, and provide legal and ethical means to dispose of human waste when onsite restrooms are lacking in function or capacity. Famous with construction sites and high school pranksters, the modern porta-potty is a device that is both useful and inexpensive. Whether you are planning a large special event or managing a construction site, you may find yourself in need of portable sanitation services.


Have you ever thought about where movie production crews use the restroom when filming movies in remote locations? While many celebrities can enjoy the comfort of using a personal restroom within their lavish trailers, portable restrooms are often the only choice for many crew members. This solves the problem of movie set sanitation and helps the production crew return the filming location to a pre-disturbed condition once the job is complete. This also avoids the potential environmental and health impacts of not having adequate sanitation nearby.

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Special events, such as large weddings, festivals, or concerts, bring a lot of people together to share in the excitement of the moment. When this happens, portable toilet facilities are often needed to supplement the existing restrooms, if they exist at all. Without access to toilets, a happy crowd can quickly become an angry one. Event planners understand the need for adequate restrooms and often choose porta-potties as the means for meeting the needs of the event’s guests.


Portable toilets are often needed whenever long distance races are held. This is especially true when the races take place in remote or rural locations. Race planners usually strategically place porta-potties at many locations along the race route as well as where crowds tend to congregate. Local restrooms, if they are even available, may not be adequate to accommodate, marathoners and cyclists. Even if local businesses are willing to cater to the needs of the racers and the crowd, the facility may become overwhelmed or the lines to use them could become lengthy.

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With natural disasters (such as floods, hurricanes, forest fires, etc) access to traditional restroom facilities may become scarce. This can be both through the destruction of the restroom facilities itself as well as the loss or shutdown of the accompanying septic/sewer infrastructure. In addition to this, when disaster victims have to be relocated to a shelter facility, onsite restrooms may be inadequate to handle the sudden influx of people. In either case, porta-potties are often called in by emergency managers or relief personnel to help start the recovery process.


Having portable toilets at a construction site benefits the project by providing convenient access to restrooms for workers while also preventing the contamination of the site itself. This protects the construction company from liability and helps to ensure that the project schedule can be met. Workers who have access to clean and convenient bathroom facilities will also perform better. In addition to this, many construction sites are situated in remote areas where access to restrooms can be limited or nonexistent.


Real estate agents and home builders like to show homes to potential buyers in order to entice them into making a purchase. Sometimes the homes are being offered for sale won’t have utilities turned on or are in disrepair. In this case, a porta-potty can be brought in temporarily to help satisfy customers during an open house or a crowded real estate auction. In the case of home builders, they often have a set of model homes that are used to showcase the range of products that they are offering for sale. The many guests that come to the model homes (as well as the agents who work there) will likely need access to toilets. Many builders prefer to use porta-potties for their guests rather than letting the customers use the toilets within the homes. This is to ensure sanitary conditions while preserving a clean and attractive environment within the model home.

Our portable toilets come with an impact base that has a unique waffle floor design which allows three times as much fresh air to circulate throughout the restroom and prevent mud clumping together inside. Your rental comes standard with three (3) rolls of toilet paper, fresh scents, maintained on your schedule, and a spacious interior offering a comfortable experience.

Clean, like-new equipment goes through a meticulous 8-Point Service plan to ensure your restroom rental arrives in pristine condition and is kept sanitary throughout your project.
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Our ADA porta potty rentals are clean and like-new units that are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with special needs. The ADA porta potty rentals are extra-large with a width of 67” and a depth of 86.5” to give them the comfortability and maneuverability needed to utilize our restrooms. That’s roughly 25 square feet larger than our standard porta potty units. From the ground up the ADA Handicap Portable Restroom is stronger, using a custom-made vacuum-formed base to create a solid foundation.
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This restroom is built exclusively for the high-rise construction market and offers our customers and operators a unique set of features. The Highrise has been designed to be semi or fully private. Adding the roof makes it fully private and a sliding mechanism allows it to be lowered far enough to fit through standard door openings. Our High-Rise Portable Restroom is the perfect restroom solution for many construction sites, equipped with a lift kit that attaches to any standard crane for all levels of the job site!
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6 x 10 Restroom Trailer

As guests enter this private, 2-Station restroom trailer they are struck by the warm, comfortable surroundings. The soft music and clean, well-lit interior provide a pleasant atmosphere where they can escape from the crowd and enjoy a few moments alone.

As an owner, you will appreciate the many features of this unique portable restroom trailer. For instance, it has a non-wood structure to reduce the overall weight of the restroom trailer and prevent costly water damage. Furthermore, a polyethylene tank is used to reduce weight, improve cleaning and pumping and reduce odors.

The many other advantages of a Satellite Suites portable restroom trailer are yours to discover as you take a moment to review this site. If you would like personal assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

8 x 25 Restroom Trailer

Lightweight, spacious and beautiful describes this 25’, 10-Station portable restroom trailer designed for both operators and end-users. Weighing less than 9,800 pounds, this restroom trailer is a pleasure to transport and simple to place and set up.

Inside, the lady’s area has five spacious stalls and a twin-basin vanity. For the men, there are two private stalls, three urinals, and a twin-basin vanity. The climate in each area can be controlled by individual air conditioning units to ensure total comfort.