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Decorative Metal Fence Installation

On Call Services & Rentals is a proud provider of Ameristar ornamental fencing and gates. Ameristar sets a high bar for quality, innovative fencing. Ameristar manufactures its maintenance-free fencing products from iron and aluminum. All of our fences are powder coated for long-lasting durability.

All of our fencing materials are precisely cut and professionally welded, and our gates can be customized to fit any opening perfectly. Gates are particularly important to get right since they’re the only part of the fence that’s designed to move. We build them extra strong so they never sag and last for many years.

If there’s one thing you don’t want to let an amateur handle, it’s your fence’s gate. Improperly installed gates frequently suffer from leaning posts, sagging, misaligned latches, and bad hinges. When you call On Call for your ornamental metal gate, you can trust that your posts will be properly set in appropriately sized concrete footers, with top-notch hardware.

We offer three grades of professional ornamental gates:

  • Residential: ⅝” pickets, 1” rails.
  • Commercial: ¾” pickets, 1 to 1 ½” rails.
  • Industrial: 1” pickets, 2” rails.

All three grades use 2” uprights.

We have ornamental metal gates in standard straight tops that can match your fence, as well as accented and more decorative gates with arches and other unique designs. We offer a broad array of high-quality driveway gates with many styles and dimensions to choose from.

On Call Services & Rentals Decorative Metal Fence Installation

Ameristar Fence Systems

On Call Services & Rentals Classic Fence Style
On Call Services & Rentals Majestic Fence Style
On Call Services & Rentals Genesis Fence Style
On Call Services & Rentals Warrior Fence Style
On Call Services & Rentals Crescent Fence Style
On Call Services & Rentals Invincible Fence Style
Ameristar E-Coat Surface Protection in Tulsa

Ameristar E-Coat Surface Protection

All of the Ameristar products we carry come with E-Coat Surface Protection to shield your valuable investment from corrosion.

On Call Services & Rentals Customizable Metal Fences in Tulsa

Customizable Metal Fences

Decorative metal fencing should follow the natural contours of your yards in order to provide the best seamless look. We can provide you with all sorts of highly customizable ornamental metal fences. Whether you need your front or back yard fenced off, or a beautiful enclosure for your pool or dog pen, we’re here to help.

Valued Choice

The right aluminum or steel fence can provide countless long-term and short-term benefits to your property. They’re both beautiful and elegant, as well as secure. You can expect to immediately raise your property value when you hire On Call for your ornamental fence.

Low Maintenance

Galvanized steel and aluminum fences don’t rust like many other fencing materials, so you can expect years of life from your fence. Most of these fences are installed as a series of panels, which makes repair and maintenance simple.

Sturdy and Secure

We have a large variety of fencing styles to choose from, and all of them are sturdy and secure. Whether you need a simple, sleek fence to secure your pool, or a high-security fence to prevent unwanted trespassers, we’ve got what you need.

Beautiful Montage Fences

Ameristar’s galvanized steel Montage fences are creatively designed and assembled to form an artistic and unique system that’s strong and durable. The best thing about Ameristar is it’s based right here in Tulsa, providing jobs to over 500 local Okies.

Also Offering:

  • Aegis Residential
  • Aegis Plus (Commercial)
  • Aegis Li (industrial)
  • Echelon Plus (Aluminum)
  • Echelon li (Industrial)
  • Estate Gates
  • Access Control
  • Impasse Security Fencing
  • And Other Ameristar Fence Products

Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely not. On Call Services uses the highest quality of aluminum on the market. Aluminum doesn’t rust, and our powder coat finish won’t peel or flake.

Definitely. All fence posts should be properly set in a concrete foundation.

We set aluminum fence posts six feet apart.

Most walk-through gates are four feet wide, while double-drive access gates range from eight to ten feet.

We only carry aluminum fences whose manufacturers provide limited lifetime warranties.