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8ft Heavy Duty Pre-Galvanized Steel Barricade – Metal Crowd Control Barricade

Our delivery staff of seasoned professionals will set up the temporary barricades for you, move them upon request, and take them down when you’re ready for pick-up. Our barricade rental prices are competitive with the market and also encompass delivery, installation, emergency support lines, and pick-up.

Whether your project is large, small, temporary, or long-term, you can fully place your trust in us to help secure your location.

Barricade Fencing

Get More Than You Expect: Affordability, Durability, Reliability, Always In-Stock

Affordability – Our rates are affordable and market competitive.

Inventory – We nearly always have enough inventory in stock locally and we ALWAYS have the ability to ship the temporary barricades you need in from nearby regional warehouses within a very reasonable timeline.

Durability – Our equipment is durable and made of high-quality materials.

Reliability – Our delivery, setup, servicing, and pickup are always on time, professional, and handled by background-checked service technicians.

Barricade Fencing

These heavy-duty barricades are built from 16 gauge steel. Frames are made from 1.5-inch steel tubing while uprights are made from ½ inch steel tubing. Designed with 21 uprights for maximum rigidity the uprights are fully inserted into the frame before welding providing extraordinary strength. Choose from two base options bridge feet for uneven surfaces such as grass or flat feet for smooth surfaces such as tarmac and where pedestrian traffic requires minimum trip hazard. To create a more permanent barrier flat feet can be bolted to the ground. The feet are removable for easy stacking. These barricades interlock using the industry-standard hook and half-loop fastening system so you can create a crowd control barrier of any length.


Sporting Events such as volleyball or golf tournaments

Walks, Races, Obstacle Courses, 5Ks, Charity Walks, and Marathons

Concerts, Parades, Carnivals, Festivals, Ticket Lines, Traffic Direction, Parade Routes, and Stage Barriers

Black Friday, Farmer’s Markets, and Other Special Events for Parking Lots

Construction Projects where they act as crowd barriers to ensure public safety and to cordon off unsafe areas.