Perfect for those high places

This restroom is built exclusively for the high-rise construction market and offers end-users and operators a unique set of features. Overall, the high-rise has a tremendous amount of interior space and privacy in situations where it was impossible to have before.

The high-rise is sized to go where other restrooms cannot. With the optional roof, it is only 33.5 inches wide and 78.2 inches high. This allows the high-rise to be moved through halls and doorways to the place where workers need it most. The frame and floor are made from galvanized metal to prevent damage while lifting and handling. This uniquely designed restroom fills the need for privacy, maneuverability, and dependability.

Popular with roofers and high-rise construction workers, your employees will appreciate the convenience and you will appreciate the way they eliminate long restroom breaks and increase worker productivity.

Our High-Rise/Lift Portable Restroom is the perfect restroom solution for many construction sites, equipped with a lift kit that attaches to any standard crane for all levels of the job site!


Jobsite Ready. Perfect for work sites, the crane lift porta-potty provides workers with nearby restroom facilities.

Skid Support. Retrofitted with plastic skid support & galvanized steel legs.

Durable. Our porta potty is constructed out of lightweight & durable plastic material.



Service Sanitation cannot be held liable for any injuries or damages by not following proper hoisting precautions. Each crane hook has a 1,000lb lifting capacity and is specifically manufactured for each restroom. It’s very important that the restroom unit not be used to lift anything or anyone inside the restroom.

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