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OnCall Services and Rentals is the fastest growing full-service provider of Portable Toilets and Restrooms, Temporary Fencing, Septic Services, and Roll Off Dumpsters. Our success derives from the quality of experience and they deserve it at your special event.

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Originally designed as an entry-level restroom, our standard portable restroom is sure to please the end-user. A three roll of toilet paper holder and a large door latch that can be operated with the elbow rather than by hand to help prevent the spread of germs. There is also a “hover handle” on the inside of the door for use by those who do not wish to sit directly on the seat. Our standard porta potty has an increase side panel thickness by an additional 12% and the tank and urinal are larger and stronger. While you might think of our standard porta potty as an entry level restroom, it easily competes with any restroom for quality and durability.

Events & Festivals

Weddings & Parties

Golf Tournaments & Sporting Events

Residential & Commercial Construction Jobs

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This restroom is built exclusively for the high rise construction market and offers end-users and operators a unique set of features. The Highrise has been designed to be semi or fully private. Adding the roof makes it fully private and a sliding mechanism allows it to be lowered far enough to fit through standard door openings. Anywhere, Anytime, Perfect for Those High PlacesOur High-Rise/Lift Portable Restroom  is the perfect restroom solution for many construction sites, equipped with a lift kit that attaches to any standard crane for all levels of the job site!

Attached OSHA Approved Lift Kit

Lock Hasp

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Our ADA porta potty rentals are clean and like-new units that are designed specifically to accommodate individuals with special needs. The ADA porta potty rentals are extra-large with a width of  67” and a depth of 86.5” to give them the comfortability and maneuverability needed to utilize our restrooms. That’s roughly 25 square feet larger than our standard porta potty units. From the ground up the ADA Handicap Portable Restroom is stronger, using a custom-made vacuum-formed base to create a solid foundation.

Great for Special Events

Parks, sports fields, and other recreation facilities

Large interior for maximum wheelchair maneuverability

Anti-slip flooring surface – No ramp required to access

6 x 10 Restroom Trailer

8 x 25 Restroom Trailer

We provide luxury portable bathroom trailers to wedding organizers, construction companies, black tie & corporate event restroom rentals and other occasions.

Our Restroom trailers are well equipped, with fancy toilets for our luxury mobile bathroom models. Our inexpensively priced port-o-bathroom trailers, provide YOU a luxury restroom experience for a low leasing price.