How to Properly Dispose of Old Tires

How to Properly Dispose of Tires

Every year, a staggering 280 million tires are discarded. If you have old tires lying around or are about to, you might be wondering, can you put tires in a dumpster?

Disposal of Tires

A lot of waste management companies that supply dumpsters do not accept tires in them. If a tire is found in the dumpster, the entire load may be declined by the dump. This would require removing the trash and sorting it out of the dumpsters, something that would take a lot of time and effort.

Disposing of a tire requires taking the tire to a specific location. In many states, tires can’t even be put into a landfill. If this happens, the waste management company can be assessed a fine or penalty, or the dump won’t take their load until they sort it out. 

Here are a few of the reasons why tires can’t go into the landfill. 

Tires take up a lot of space. They don’t compact well because they are made of firm rubber. What a lot of people don’t know is that tires trap methane. This means tires can make the landfill more dangerous. They can also cause damage to the landfill liner, which helps keep contamination out of local groundwater. 

For these reasons, disposing of tires via normal means is discouraged everywhere and illegal in many places. Burning tires is also discouraged. It releases a large amount of toxic chemicals into the atmosphere. 

So if none of these methods work, how do you dispose of tires?

Getting Rid of Old Tires

Thankfully, for most of us, this isn’t an issue. When you get new tires, most tire shops or automotive businesses will dispose of the old tires for you. Tires and car batteries are both taken care of by industry-specific businesses because of how toxic and difficult to dispose of they can be. 

The next time you get your tires changed, let the shop handle it. Millions of tires are refurbished and retreaded to be used again. This provides cheap, dependable tires for many industries and smaller businesses. 

There are a few times when this isn’t an option. One of the most common occurrences is when you are cleaning up a property. A lot of older properties may have old tires on them, being used for various reasons. 

If you do encounter older tires that need to be removed, you have to take them to a designated disposal site. Most of these are recycling centers where materials are mulched, or shredded to be used for other purposes. It is at these sites that the tires are destroyed and reused into useful materials. 

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