Portable toilets for old people

Porta Potty Considerations for Elderly Adults

With over 16% of the US population being 65 years or older, taking elderly adults into consideration while planning your next event is of the utmost importance.

Portable Toilets for Old People

If you’re hosting an outdoor event, the chances that there will be elderly in attendance are high. If it is a craft or music festival, many older people have the disposable income and time to attend festivals. If you’re hosting a wedding or other event, then you have to provide facilities for your elderly family members. 

Those who are elderly require special considerations that don’t apply to younger people. Let’s take a look at what you will need to know to have a successful outdoor event.


Elderly people need special consideration when it comes to accessibility. They are not as capable of moving around obstacles and through difficult terrain as younger people. Balance and the injuries caused by falling should be taken into account. 

When you place the portable toilets, make sure that you do so in an area that is easy to reach. It shouldn’t be too far from the activities, nor should there be any obstacles or level changes between the bathrooms and the guests. This will help to prevent any injuries. 

Having the porta potties close will also be useful. As people age, it can become difficult for them to hold their business for very long. No one wants to be embarrassed or to have an accident while they are supposed to be having fun. Keeping the porta potties close by will solve this.

Ease of Use

Not all porta potties are designed to accommodate those with special needs. There are some, like handicap porta potties which are designed with these limitations in mind. Not having to balance, reach, or step up to use the portable toilet is important to elderly people. 

One of the advantages to having handicap-accessible porta potties is that anyone with a disability will benefit from having them at your event. This will increase the amount of people that might attend, depending on the event.


If you’re hosting a public event, one that people will pay to attend, there are some requirements. One of those requirements is that at least 5% of the porta potties at your event are handicap-accessible. Having them around and placed correctly will help keep you compliant with the law. 

Failing to make accommodations for those with special needs can result in fines or penalties. Even if it doesn’t, you will put limits on who can attend your event. This will only serve to lessen the success of your event.

Consider Designs

Not all porta potties are the same. When we think of portable toilets, we often think of just plain blue or gray boxes. These are typical and most have a single receptacle for waste, such as an opening in a toilet seat configuration. 

There are other options, however, which can be rented. Having larger porta potties with better accommodations will certainly help your elderly guests and customers. When you speak to the waste management company you’re using, make sure to ask about your options.

On Call Services

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