6x10 Commercial VIP Restroom Trailer

As guests enter this private, 2-Station restroom trailer they are struck by the warm, comfortable surroundings. The soft music and clean, well-lit interior provide a pleasant atmosphere where they can escape from the crowd and enjoy a few moments alone.

As an owner, you will appreciate the many features of this unique portable restroom trailer. For instance, it has a non-wood structure to reduce the overall weight of the restroom trailer and prevent costly water damage. Furthermore, a polyethylene tank is used to reduce weight, improve cleaning and pumping and reduce odors.

The many other advantages of a Satellite Suites portable restroom trailer are yours to discover as you take a moment to review this site. If you would like personal assistance, please contact us and we would be happy to answer all your questions.

Spacious 4-Station Restroom Trailer 

Provides up to 350 guests with a truly first-class experience

Soft Interior Colors

Refreshing Atmosphere


Length:    14’ Box, 19’ w/ Tongue

Width:      8’5”, 9’6” w/ Steps Down

Height:     11’3” including AC

Fresh Tank:       200 gallons

Waste Tank:     440 gallons

Weight:    5,280 lbs.

Axle:        7,000 lb. torsion

8x25 Commercial VIP Restroom Trailer

Lightweight, spacious and beautiful describes this 25’, 10-Station portable restroom trailer designed for both operators and end-users. Weighing less than 9,800 pounds, this restroom trailer is a pleasure to transport and simple to place and set up.

Inside, the ladies’ area has five spacious stalls and a twin-basin vanity. For the men, there are two private stalls, three urinals, and a twin-basin vanity. The climate in each area can be controlled by individual air conditioning units to ensure total comfort.

Spacious 10-Station Portable Bathroom Trailer

Easy to Place & Setup

Climate Controlled

It has a spa-like interior that is lightweight and moisture-proof, eliminating the threat of unwanted odors and mold.

Length:     25’ Box, 30’ w/Tongue

Width:      8’6″, 12’6″ w/Steps Down

Height:     11’7” including AC

Fresh Tank:       200 gallons

Waste Tank:     980 gallons

Weight:    9,800 lbs.

Axle:         (2) 7,000 lb. torsion