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Why Urinals Were Added to Portable Restrooms

Have you ever wondered why or how urinals were added to porta potties? Let’s dive into it! The logic, not the actual urinal.

For years, porta potties only had traditional, unisex toilet seats. That made sense for a while, because both genders could use them without issue. But there are a lot of perks to having both options in the same stall.

The urinal was first patented in 1866, though men have been standing to pee for a lot longer than that. They’re simply faster and more convenient than toilets in a lot of ways and they help keep the toilet seats cleaner for longer. 

Because let’s face it – even the best of us misses at times, and many people are a bit too lazy to bother with lifting the toilet seat before hosing it down.

The more patrons you can send to a urinal instead of a toilet, the less often you have to go clean the toilet seat throughout the day for the people who actually need it. This logic applies to portable restrooms as well as brick-and-mortar toilets.

The urinals in porta potties operate much like the toilets. There isn’t typically a flushing mechanism or running water unless you rent a high-end, luxury toilet. Gravity drains the waste into the main holding tank and that’s that.

Whether you need a traditional, no-frills porta potty or a high-end luxury portable restroom trailer with flushable toilets and urinals, we’ve got what you need.

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