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Strange Things We Find in Porta Potties

There’s no shortage of strange things you might find while cleaning out a porta potty. From people using them as trash cans to simply dropping items in them by accident – there’s a lot you’ll find at the bottom of a toilet.

Sleeping People

From homeless folks to drunks, we’ve been known to find the occasional occupied porta potty when we come to dump them.

Wallets, Purses, Jewelry, and Cellphones

Porta potties are often used at events where alcohol is consumed, which can make people extra forgetful. We frequently find wallets, purses, and jewelry that are left behind, or even dropped into the holding tank. Cell phones are often dropped into the holding tanks as well.

Drugs and Weapons

Drugs and paraphernalia can easily fall out of pockets or be left behind after an individual uses it. It’s also common for suspects who are being pursued at large events (like carnivals) to try and ditch drugs, weapons, and other incriminating evidence before they’re apprehended. 

It’s important not to touch anything illegal like this, especially since weapons and syringes can be very dangerous. If you encounter drugs or weapons in a porta potty, contact the event organizer or the police.

Cameras, Clothing, Etc.

There are lots of items that can be easily dropped or forgotten. If you find stuff like this, please turn it into the event’s lost and found.

Human Waste…Where It Doesn’t Belong

We all know that porta potties are made for pooping, but apparently some of us aren’t quite aware of WHERE exactly to poop once they’re inside of it. We have, unfortunately, found waste on the walls, the floors, the door, and even the ceiling.

Undelivered Mail

In 2016, a construction worker found undelivered mail in a porta potty in Macomb Township, Michigan. The postal worker had dropped off hundreds of pieces of mail in the toilet instead of delivering it.

Meth Labs

This one hits close to home. Right here in Oklahoma – in Purcell, specifically – golf course employees discovered an operational meth lab in 2013. Somebody had made three bottles of methamphetamine, using the “shake and bake” method.


In 2013, police in Lakewood, Washington had to evacuate 50 people from homes and businesses near a portable restroom after a sanitation worker discovered a pipe bomb that had failed to detonate.

Human Remains

The saddest and most traumatizing thing for anyone to find in a portable restroom is human remains. Unfortunately, it happens far too often. Fetuses and newborn babies have been discarded in portable toilets and even adult humans have died in porta potties from exposure to extreme weather, drug overdose, and more.

What To Do if You Find Something in a Porta Potty

If you’ve located something in a porta potty that you feel you should speak up about, it’s best to go with your instinct and say something. Loose items can be turned into event coordinators or property owners, and particularly valuable, dangerous, or suspicious items should be reported to the police.

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